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If you are looking to buy jewelry, we recommend that you read this report first, 3 Trade Secrets Jewelry Stores Don't Want You To Know. This FREE report contains valuable insight from trade secrets that are only known to professionals in the jewelry business. Most importantly, it can save you money. Here is an excerpt from the report:

"The #3 trade secret that jewelry stores don’t want you to know is that a diamond goes through an average of 8 middlemen and precious metal jewelry goes through an average of 4 middlemen before it is sold to the consumer. Every time jewelry goes through a middleman, a mark-up is added. For example, let’s look at a 20 gram 14k figaro chain. The manufacture sells it to wholesaler 1 for $120. Wholesaler 1 sells it to smaller wholesaler 2 for $144. Wholesaler 2 may sell it to even smaller wholesaler 3 for $170. Wholesaler 3 sells it to a retailer for $200. Finally, the retailer sells it to the consumer for $400. By the time any jewelry reaches an end customer, the price is marked up several times. Now what if you could buy the chain directly from wholesaler 1? Even if the wholesaler marked up the chain 100% to $240, you would still save $160 off the retail price!"

So how can you buy direct from a wholesaler and save money? To find out, click here to get the entire 3 page report, FREE.


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