Why Break Glass at a Jewish Wedding?

on Wednesday, 19 February 2014. Posted in Event Blog

Why smash a glass at Jewish weddings? Are the groom and bride anti-glassware or are they just planning to endanger the wedding clean up crew, who may or may not perform their duties barefoot? In Los Angeles, smashing a glass snow globe with a miniature Hollywood sign may fit your wedding theme, but how do you explain to your nephew whose ornament you just ruined? The glass breaking tradition holds a deeper meaning than just mindless destruction, which should be saved for devouring a wedding cake after all's said and smashed. The long-held Jewish custom of crystal breaking symbolizes the destruction of The Temple in Jerusalem in 70 BCE. This place of worship connected humans to God and after it was torn down, the Jews felt their connection shatter. Is this why people cry during weddings: especially Jewish ones? Mourning is a healing process, but so is unity. And what better place to unite than at a wedding, especially at a sticky, unifying place like a candy factory in downtown Los Angeles. When two souls search for love, they grow as individuals, become successful, and happy. Eventually they connect with another soul and become grateful for their journey apart. If not for their initial separation, they never would have become a whole man or woman who eventually attracts the other. Bonus points if it's a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Breaking a glass at a Jewish wedding takes place under the Chupah, which is literally a canopy held by four poles. Before stepping beneath the Chupah, the father and father-in-law blesses the groom with well wishes. In some ceremonies, the groom and bride must empty their pockets of valuables, like jewelry and cash, before stepping beneath the Chupah. This symbolizes their sacrifices for each other and a new start together. The groom's domain is the Chupah, and inviting his bride to join him underneath symbolizes their unification. To finalize the wedding, they smash the glass to celebrate their time apart before their eternal journey together in marriage. God of course has a front row seat to the occasion, but you won't catch Him on clean up crew.

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