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Some Ideas and Rules For Baby Showers

on Tuesday, 21 April 2015. Posted in Event Blog


Baby showers are social events that anticipate bringing a new life into the world and also provide material support for the expecting mom. On a finer level, it creates social support for the new child by creating excitement and a sense of dedication among a network of friends. Because so many positive things can be accomplished during a baby shower, it pays to prepare and even set rules in advance.

Draft Ideas on What The Future Parents Wish to Accomplish

Baby showers are an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Parenthood is a major development, and throwing a party is one way to encourage people to be involved rather than figuring a new mother needs her space. Babies are not all about responsibility, and preparing for a new life can be so much fun. One hope, then, is friends will become involved and effectively become godparents. Increasing the number of people in a child's life is one way to maximize opportunities.

Gifts are given to new couples, and this tradition can range in value from being a positive gesture to a critical lifeline. While it might seem negative to suggest a need for handouts, young couples benefit from shower gifts because of their limited property. Often newlyweds will have a baby before they have fully furnished their home, and easing the cost of additional family members is one of longstanding reasons for throwing a shower.

The social event can also be emotionally beneficial to the parents-to-be, who might fear a level of isolation now they are moving into greater responsibility. Having a positive experience with old friends helps to reassure them that those friends will not be lost during the transition. First-time parents are particularly worried about this, because many relationships might have been based on common interests. For this reason, encouragement is the cardinal rule of baby showers.

Ideas For Arranging a Baby Shower

While showers represent important milestones, they are not formal events like weddings. It is important to preserve a casual atmosphere, because commitment from friends and extended family is merely nudged at through a positive celebration. People ought to want to interact with the parents and the baby-to-be; a shower is intended to promote this mindset.

Catering services can be purchased if time is short or if a large reception is expected. Often, snacks bought off the shelf will suffice. Finger foods are a staple, and these can be as basic or expensive as desired. The focus is the parents and not the food, so the spread should be kept modest and in a back room instead of in front of the doorway.

Other decorations might include napkins that have baby phrases, or symbols of a man and woman with a baby included. Images of a husband and wife, perhaps leftover from a wedding, are still appropriate because parenthood is a milestone of marriage. Furnishings should be typical of other social gatherings, although creativity is hardly taboo. It is ideal to promote interaction.

There should be a place to stand and a place to sit. Preparations include having plenty of extra chairs and some side tables. If ceremonies are part of the plans, then a standing area will host these and will later provide space for placing gifts. Having extra table space will serve the gift-giving nicely.

After the showering of maternity presents, it is nice to be able to retreat to a sitting space. The fact is that some people like to stand and chat while others prefer to sit and gab; having both social environments will suit different personalities. The people standing should not be in the line of sight of the people sitting, and this spacial organization is also an old tradition. Sitting space is for people who like to hang around and relax, and for these sorts a shower can last for hours.

Extra Rules And If The Baby Will Be There

Some parents hold showers after the baby is already born. Reasons range from complications during pregnancy to simply waiting to see the gender. If the baby is already born, then the baby will be the centerpiece as much as the parents. While it can be nice to see the infant being received so well, it also creates additional problems.

Newborns are sensitive to unfamiliar environments and are too young to be socially responsive. For the wellbeing of the baby, controlling noise and crowd density can be a key issue. One idea is to present the baby to a large crowd at a distance, and then allow close viewing a few people at a time. Newborns should not be grabbed by anyone, and any touching should be cautious. It is best not to serve alcohol at a shower, both to preserve the sobriety of the event and because children often attend.